Turmeric, golden in more ways than one!

Turmeric and Curcumin

Do you consume turmeric? Spring is here on the north coast of NSW. The birds are tweeting, the sun is burning, and new foods have arrived, rich in turmeric. Fashion? No way – we’re talking serious health and flavour. Heads up to northern hemisphere dwellers and travellers – our staff’s latest pick for winter (and any time really) is “Turmeric Latte Mix”.

Turmeric Latte Mix

Superfood trending

We’ve been seeing and enjoying those ‘golden mylks’ in cafes and restaurants. Finally we can take the mix home and DIY. Awesome!

Never heard of turmeric before? Bottom line: it’s super healthy for you because of its yellow powerhouse ingredient: curcumin. The health benefits of curcumin are numerous, powerful, and well-documented by many medical researchers.

Here are just a few of curcumin’s health benefits:

Anti-inflammatory hence good for arthritis and pain

Immune booster

Cell health booster, because it supports cell membranes

Anti-oxidant, which slows ageing

Helps correct protein defects in Cystic Fibrosis therefore could alleviate severity

Reduces insulin resistance and helps regulate blood sugar, thus helps diabetics

Helps reduce body fat and lowers blood pressure, therefore lowers heart disease risk

Detoxifier of liver, therefore of the whole body

Enhances the effectiveness of various types of chemo in pancreatic, bowel and breast cancer, and leukamia

Slows growth and spreading of various types of cancer cells

Protects nervous system from damage in cases of brain injury, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s & stroke

Protects nervous system from poisonous lead and cadmium

Improves thought and memory

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