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Love letters – our customer comments


We recently completed our Customer Survey and were delighted not only to receive feedback about the things we need to improve upon, but also to hear how much you love us! To those who had some issues, be assured we are looking at them. A big thank you to all who participated. Here are some of your comments.

‘I appreciate the Great Café food!’ – Laura, Ocean Shores

‘Keep up the good work, thank you’ – David, Ocean Shores

‘Congratulations on asking your customers what they want! Loved it when you took over the corner and expanded’ – Sandhan, Ocean Shores

‘You’re doing a great job guys. Keep it up’ – Greg, Brunswick Heads

‘I like it the way it is’ – Gisela, Brunswick Heads

‘You have the best food in bruns by the way’ – Lally, Brunswick Heads

‘I love the shop…the service is super friendly & my needs are met except sometimes the parking isn’t so easy’ – Jeana, Ocean Shores

‘I think you’re the best health shop around even though now it’s a long way from where I live’ – Amara, Lennox Heads

‘We love Bruns Health!’ – Steph & Paul, Ocean Shores

‘Your shop certainly has great service and excellent lunch/meals/snacks/salads! And ….a good location!! (I think!). Cheers’ – Cate, Bangalow

‘Praise Kristina for making the café food edible’ – Anonymous

‘The staff are amazing and Kristina’s food is becoming amazing’ – Zigg, Ocean Shores

‘The staff Mon – Fri are a good team that make me feel very welcome’ – Anonymous

‘Kristina’s food is always so yummy and delicious. I bring all my friends here for the best food in the shire. I’m so lucky to have someone looking after me in this way’ – Kaaren, Huonbrook

‘It would definitely be my choice of destination for the products and services I require’ – Inga, Brunswick Heads

Summary of the Survey results

Customer Profile

A large majority of the people who responded to the survey were middle-aged mothers living in the Ocean Shores-New Brighton-South Golden Beach areas.
Guys, kids, elders and Shire residents – if you feel left out, come say hello!

You are regular users of the internet for research, shopping, news, local events and social media.
We’re online now, so do e-drop in!

You are most interested in health and healthy lifestyle, diet, nutrition, raw food, special diets and cooking, organics, and products which are fair trade, ethical and locally made or grown.
So are we! This is what we do.

You love the beach, river and parks, and are into socializing around the town.
The cafe is a great place to bring newbies for a different dining experience while you chat!

You generally love the shop though have given us a useful heads-up about a few areas that do need attention. Some of you would be more regular visitors if we addressed more of your needs, and we are doing our best.

New Stuff For You

We are tempting the “missing people” to connect with us, with our new Seniors group meal special and our social media activity so that all age groups in your family can feel part of our shop’s community.

Thanks to your feedback we’re reviewing the amenity of the shop layout and the outdoor dining area. We’ve begun to incorporate a tidy-up whenever we can fit it in among the daily action.

Some of you with allergies and special dietary needs are keen to see detailed labelling of the cafe food, and a system is being developed to provide this service for you.

The Loyalty Program discount cards are being printed, so that regular shoppers can benefit financially from their loyalty to us. Do drop in and grab yourself a card!

We plan to continually expand our online presence to provide extra information and news that time does not allow in the shop’s busy schedule of attending to customers. Stay e-tuned!

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